Collins Insurance Agency: Small Business Toolbox

The following helpful document & spreadsheet templates are free to download, customize & save for your own use! And because they’re so easy to use, you can quickly begin using your selected file to satisfy your specific need in no time.

Disclaimer: The files freely available in the this “Small Business Toolbox” are not a substitute for the advice of professional legal, accounting or a business services expert. These links provide you with editable forms and suggestions on how you might use them. We cannot, and do not, provide specific advice for your exact situation.

To begin simply select a category to see each list of what’s available, then click to open:


[tabby title=”Section A: Business Finance”]
Click listing to view details and download:

  1. Balance Sheet Template
  2. Cash Flow Budget Worksheet
  3. Customer Statement of Account
  4. Daily Cash Sheet
  5. Income Statement Template
  6. Loan Application, Bank Review Form
  7. Monthly Bank Reconciliation
  8. Personal Statement Package
  9. Present Value Tables
  10. Sample Collection Letters
  11. Trial Balance Worksheet
  12. Unsecured Promissory Note

[tabby title=”Section B: Compensation & Benefits”]
Click listing to view details and download:

  1. Compensable Work Chart
  2. Initial Notification of COBRA Rights
  3. Overtime Guidance
  4. Privacy Policy
  5. Profit-Sharing Plan
  6. Simplified Employee Pensions
  7. Time-Off Policies
  8. Workers’ Comp Policies

[tabby title=”Section C: Recruiting & Hiring”]
Click listing to view details and download:

  1. Applicant Information Release
  2. Applicant Rejection
  3. Driving Record Check
  4. Driving Record Release Form
  5. Drug Testing Consent Form
  6. Educational Record Check
  7. Employer Reference Check
  8. Employment Reference Phone Script
  9. Employment Reference Release
  10. Fair Credit Disclosure Act Notice
  11. Job Analysis Questionnaire
  12. Job Description Form
  13. Job Requirements Checklist
  14. Personal Reference Check Letter
  15. Reference Checking Documentation Form
  16. Sample Employment Application Form
  17. Sample Independent Contractor Agreement
  18. Sample Interview Script
  19. Temporary Help Agency Checklist

[tabby title=”Section D: Vehicles & Equipment”]
Click listing to view details and download:

  1. Annual Lease Table
  2. Checklist for Evaluating Used Cars
  3. Equipment Inventory List

[tabby title=”Section E: Employee Management”]
Click listing to view details and download:

  1. Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification
  2. Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization
  3. Employee Coaching Script
  4. Employee Disciplinary Action Form
  5. Drug Test Policy
  6. Employee Discipline Aids
  7. Employee Feedback Script
  8. Employee Work Rules
  9. Long Distance Call Log
  10. Noncompete Agreement
  11. Employee Time Sheets
  12. Sample Absence Policies
  13. Sexual Harassment Policy
  14. Smoking Policy

[tabby title=”Section F: Marketing”]
Click listing to view details and download:

  1. Business Plan Components: Sample Illustrated Plans
  2. Customer Satisfaction Survey Form
  3. Customer Service Action Form

[tabby title=”Section G: Worker Safety”]
Click listing to view details and download:

  1. Hazard Communication Program Package
  2. OSHA Form 101 – Supplemental Illness and Injury Log
  3. OSHA Form 174 – Material Safety Data Sheet
  4. OSHA form 200 – Illness and Injury Log
  5. Sample Emergency Procedures
  6. Sample Safety Policy
  7. Sample Workplace AIDS Policy
  8. Sample Workplace Violence Prevention Policy
  9. Fire Extinguisher Selection Chart

[tabby title=”Section H: Starting Your Business”]
Click listing to view details and download:

  1. Business Selection Checklist
  2. Cash Flow Sensitivity Analysis
  3. Cost Assessment Checklist
  4. Equipment Lease Checklist
  5. Family Monthly Budget Form
  6. Franchise Agreement Checklist
  7. Projected Staffing Schedule
  8. Real Property Lease Checklist
  9. Start-up Checklist
  10. Strengths/Weaknesses Assessment Checklist

[tabby title=”Section I: Firing & Termination”]
Click listing to view details and download:

  1. Employment Reference Release
  2. General Release for Employment Termination
  3. Termination Checklist and Form